about the villain Kalki

For the villain of the game, I wanted to get an occult ruler or dictator, like Street Fighters M.Bison, Mortal Kombats Shao Khan or Samurai Shodowns amakusa.

But who to take? For a long time, I got no Idea. Manuel Peters accidently helped me out with that. I know him from Libertarian Groups from Facebook ,  from joint work at the german libertarian magazine Eigentuemlich Frei and from a time where he lead a seminar about the famous italian philosopher and cultural anthropologist Julius Evola. There, he mentioned that while Evola did pretty serious works, he was friends with a chilenian diplomat called Miguel Serrano who had some rather "crazier" ideas. (For example, the Hindus think that at the end of a time cycle and the dark age of the Kali Yuga, Kalki, god of destruction and 10th avatar of vishnu will appear, destroy the wicked, cause the apocalypse  and start a new time cycle and golden age. Serrano thought that a certain "famous painter from austria with a famous Moustache, who became an influential politician in germany ", and who now, according to Serrano, is in a hidden german base in antarctica,  was the human incarnation of this god of destruction.)

I later read his book "The final avatar" (and later needed to explain to my girlfriend, that this book was unrelated to a certain nickelodeon show. lol.) I was not disappointed. lol. Like most theosophy books, it had some pretty whacky stuff. Other Stuff was the typical Iron Sky/Castle Wolfenstein stuff like Reichsflugscheiben and so on. Other stuff like secret fighting techniques to channel your "Chakra", ancient groups training for centuries for a final battle, quasi immortal warrior heroes, secret superweapons etc. sounded straight out of a shounen anime like Naruto or Dragon Ball.

after watching the "Full Metal alchemist" Film "The Conqueror From Shamballa (which also seemed to be based on Serrano), it slowly dawned to me: I had the ideal occult dictator villain for my game. (and I  already hoped to include some theosophy stuff in future projects because their lore about lost cultures sounded perfect for games. )  Ofcourse I knew, this was a rather ridiculous premise straight out of a b movie. So we decided to have some fun with it. like an undead german skeleton army attacking the flying city of the gods. this sounded funny, awesome and ridiculous.  (the "Fegelein" Scream of Kalki references the downfall film meme. Some phrases like "Die Zusammenhänge sind Glasklar" and "The Sun is cold" reference a german conspiracy theorist named axel stoll who became a meme.)

I also used references to "similar authors"  as in jokes and to flesh out the story of the bad guys. For example, the description that Kalki has the power of "both the lightning and the sun" references the title of a book by maximine portaz, where she said there are basically 2 types of religion. One kind which aims at conservation of life while rejecting the forces of destruction, and the opposite way. (more commonly known under the terms of left hand path and right hand path.) Both ways are wrong according to her and both, conservation (the sun) and destruction (the lightning) need to be mastered. (miss portaz is also the reason why one NPC is called the "High Priestress Savitri".)

One Mission is called "aufgang der Menschheit" (ascension of mankind) referencing a book by Herman Wirth, a german scientist frequently referenced by Serrano. (Wirth was the real life inspiration behind Professor Gast in Final Fantasy 7.)

I then used dharmic ideas (the types of species: Naraka, Prieta, asura, devas), theosophical concepts (the whole theosophist world history with lemuria, hyperborea, atlantis etc. is referenced in the game, the idea of crystal technology references Edgar Cayce, an american theosophist, biodynamic farming comes from german theosophist Rudol Steiner etc, ), Gnosticism etc. to build the backstory of the setting. and I used stuff like the diaries of admiral byrd (Operation Highjump) as a source as well. Some smaller stuff references the russian Baron Ungern Sternberg who fought against the Bolshevists and tried to summon Kalki when his situation got desparate.

Then, I found an author named Juan Posadas who was Serranos communist counterpart and put some references to him in the project as well.

The checker board with pillars in the arena where Kalki is battled references Freemasonry. I included this because since 2016, I frequently had dreams with  masonic images.  (There are tons more allusions to philosophy, religion, occultism etc. in the game.)

Side note: Due to my gaining of such knowledge, I was later involved in writing Compact Geschichte 14: Das okkulte Reich, an issue of a german magazine where these topics were explained in detail. Earlier, I was tasked to write an article explaining both Posadas and Serrano.  I also wrote one text about Serrano for Eigentuemlich Frei. But this was more a joke.

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